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    GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions offers consulting services, curricula,
    and content that effectively evolve corporate cultures.

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    Corporate Consulting
    People at the top of corporate structures have a tremendous capacity to influence the members of their workforce. Consequently, they have a disproportionate role to play in the creation of more effective diverse organizations. Still, every rung of the ladder – including entry level employees and middle management – must be strong, steady, and valued on an organizational climb to success and profitability.
    Individual Coaching
    According to Mental Health America and The Faas Foundation,only 19% of Americans are happy in the workplace. In addition to feeling unappreciated, they feel voiceless, they find it difficult to navigate challenging situations, and find a path toward advancement – particularly women.
    Race and culture also play a role.
    Speech, Podcast, Livestream
    Glenn Diversity Inclusion & HR Solutions Founder, Jackie Glenn, is an internationally recognized speaker, host, and guest/contributor for traditional and social media outlets as well as podcasts.
    Glenn conducts workshops in intimate settings with as few as 20 participants, as well as larger settings with audience sizes up to 200. Customized formats can also be developed.
    Core Values and GEMS
    Jackie Glenn discusses each of the 10 core values – the 10 Gems she’s used throughout her life and how she’s applied them to career and organizational success.
    Reinforce With Content
    While workshops, motivational speeches, and educational programs provide a blueprint for change, it’s imperative that leaders and employees have ongoing support, when it comes to sustaining the new behaviors and mindsets they are working to adopt.

    Meet Jackie Glenn

    Founder & CEO

    Top 10

    Diversity Global Magazine

    Influential Women in Diversity

    Jackie Glenn has developed award-winning programs and strategies for individuals and corporations that have led a Fortune 500 technology company to international recognition for its inclusive corporate culture. Glenn’s work has a measurable impact on organizational bottom lines, as well as on employee satisfaction and productivity.


    As a first generation immigrant, I knew that her story was my story, and I saw the future me in Jackie.
    Hermese Velaszquez
    Executive Director, Summer Search
    Jackie Glenn creates strategies that would enable any leader to succeed.
    Carol Fulp
    President & CEO, The Partnership Inc
    With Jackie's help, I went from working at an early stage start-up to getting my first job at Google!
    Melissa James
    CEO,The Tech Connection

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