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    Diversity education in the American workplace first emerged during the 1970s, with much of the focus on Black-White racial issues followed by sexism.
    During that time, efforts were primarily focused on training to increase sensitivity and establish legalese meant to protect corporations against civil rights suits.
    As awareness evolved, however, a “shame and blame” dynamic resulted with diversity often framed as a problem rather than a solution to the innovation companies need in order to thrive.
    Today, 80% of American corporations are engaged in diversity efforts. They are striving to create inclusive corporate cultures that meet the needs of employees with varying abilities, ethnicities, religious beliefs, LGBTQ+ orientations, and other world views.
    After nearly five decades, it’s become apparent that the corporate world has still not found its footing.
    Harvard Business researchers found that five years after mandatory diversity programs are ineffectively implemented, the number of Black, Latino, and Asian men and women actually goes down by as much as 9%, as does the number of White women.

    When it comes to groups who face challenges in corporate America, GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions founder Jackie Glenn checks almost every box:


    Still, she was able to employ 10 core values that were the foundation of her rise from a newly arrived Jamaican nanny to top of the corporate ladder, taking a seat at the table in the C-Suite at one of the biggest technology companies in the world.
    Glenn brings a unique and innovative perspective to the Diveristy & Inclusion space. She has created internationally-recognized D&I programs resulting in authentically diverse and inclusive workforces around the globe.
    Evolution, however, has no match. The Census Bureau finds that minorities will be the majority population in the U.S. by 2050, and we are “woke” like never before in the post #MeToo world. GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions offers the wisdom, services, and support organizations and individuals need in order to reap the rewards of inclusive corporate cultures…Embodying the racial, cultural, gender, and sexual orientation sensitivities that are imperative to serve the diverse world we live in today.

    “To quote U.S. President John F. Kennedy, ‘With privilege goes
    responsibility.’ I have had the privilege of getting to know amazing people on such a deep level, as well as character defining experiences in the corporate world. I founded GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions, out of that spirit of responsibility to show organizations and individuals how to embody the mantra that has served me best: Lift As I Climb.”

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